YZJ-004 baby diaper

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Detailed product introduction£º

description size baby weight
Net weight
soft non_woven top sheet,SAP,American Fluff pulp,
Leg cuff,PE backsheet&reusable Magic tape
S 3-6kg 390*280 22 4 400
M 4-9kg 440*320 27 5 500
L 7-18kg 490*320 32 6 600
XL 11-25kg 540*320 37 7 700

1. Soft non-woven surface : comfortable touch feeling

2. Green/Blue ADL : Help distribute urine envenly to every 

part of the diapers to make baby fell more dry

3. Absorbent core : America Fluffy pulp & san-dia SAP from Japan

4. Back sheet : Cloth-like 

5. Leak guard : To prevent leaking

6. Tape :Magic tape / is reusable

7. elastic waistband : can  fit baby comfortably

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